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Established in 1990 as a business incubator, Interface Network Inc. has grown from a fledgling startup to a diversified corporation. As its name implies, Interface Network Inc. is the nexus or interface point for a network of interdependent and complementary enterprises. Founded in the belief that truly successful individuals and companies transcend business as usual, Interface Network Inc. is dedicated to the development of principles based businesses with principles driven management.

Each Interface Network Inc. company is committed to excellence, providing top quality goods or services to the customers and clients in its marketplace and doing so with unmatched customer service. Embracing the belief there are no shortcuts where principles are involved, each Interface Network Inc. enterprise strives to re-enthrone such core values as work, integrity, individual responsibility, value, and service. The philosophy of transcending business as usual is the visible manifestation of principle based business.

Experience demonstrates the willingness to challenge ‘usual practices’ is a key element in moving beyond mediocrity and achieving excellence. In today’s dynamic social, business, and economic environment, transcending business as usual can take many forms. Whether implementing an innovative process to streamline and enhance the competitive posture of a client or reasserting traditional values of integrity and service; every solution, every transaction, is predicated on doing the right things for the right reasons.

If this principles based philosophy resonates with you; Interface Network Inc. invites you to join in creating a life, a business, a culture, a world, that transcends business as usual. Why not take a few minutes to explore the businesses and capabilities showcased throughout the site? Whether you are searching for a trustworthy source for specialty products, facing challenges in your current business that you would like to discuss with a like minded and professional consulting staff, or you would like to bring your enterprise into the Interface Network Inc. family of companies, we are prepared to help you find solutions.

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Transcending business as usual