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In support of operational Interface Network Inc. enterprises, we have developed various core competencies that are available on a consultative basis.

These competencies include:

The Interface Network Inc. difference lies in our consultative approach. Interface Network Inc. views every consultation or design effort as a unique project. We recognize that your issues are not the same as any other organization’s issues. You have unique personnel, location, market position, organizational philosophy, competition, and so forth to consider. While we draw upon our experience to help in evaluating problems and developing solutions, we are not so naïve as to believe that past solutions will meet your specific needs. Recognizing you and your situation are unique, we never attempt to force a ‘canned’ solution onto you or your organization.

While this type of approach is often more expensive than a canned solution, the results are far more effective when they address your specific concerns and objectives. When you determine you are more interested in results and return on investment, rather than in quick fix solutions that may or may not work, that is the time to contact Interface Network Inc.

Projects are scoped and funded in various ways depending upon your preferences and the complexity of your project.

If you have a project that you would like to explore, you can reach an Interface Network Inc. consultant through our contact form or by telephone using the contact information provided.

Our professional consulting rates start at $140.00 per hour.

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