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The INI Online Stores difference.

Who is INI Online Stores?

INI Online Stores Logo

INI Online Stores is the online retail marketing arm of Interface Network Inc. The mission of INI Online Stores is to bring a personal, value based business approach to the sometimes impersonal virtual marketplace.

What makes INI Online Stores different?

Before earning the right to display the INI Online Stores logo, each of these specialty retail sites must meet exacting standards for integrity, customer service and superior value. In a world filled with ‘me too’ vendors, each desperately scrambling to sell at the lowest price while grudgingly providing the absolute minimum service you will tolerate, INI Online Stores stands out as the undisputed value leader; providing that rarest of experiences, real peace of mind.

Regardless of whether the INI Online Stores site is a wholly owned subsidiary or an authorized affiliate merchant, you can buy with confidence knowing you are protected by the exclusive INI Online Stores Superior Value pledge.

Like stepping into the home of a trusted friend…

We cordially invite you to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with every purchase from INI Online Stores!

  • Butterfly Buzz LogoButterfly Buzz, operating at the URL, is a wholly owned INI Online Store.

    Butterfly Buzz is the premiere gift store for Butterfly and Dragonfly lovers! In operation since 2004, Butterfly Buzz caters to your butterfly and dragonfly enthusiast's every whim. With over 850 unique butterfly and dragonfly items, Butterfly Buzz offers the convenience of the largest selection of dragonfly and butterfly gifts available from any single online source!

    Butterflies and dragonflies epitomize transformation and rebirth and as a result resonate with almost anyone who has faced and overcome life's difficult challenges. Sometimes referred to as flowers that fly, butterflies and dragonflies inspire hope and the will to persevere. No matter what your budget, you can share the gift of hope and beauty with those you love*. Visit Butterfly Buzz and brighten someone's life today!

    *Butterfly Buzz donates a portion of its profits every month to the North American Butterfly Association to assist in butterfly habitat creation and preservation. Every purchase from Butterfly Buzz helps ensure butterflies will always be here to lift, inspire, and gladden the heart!

  • Ant Farm Universe Logo Ant Farm Universe, operating at the URL, is a wholly owned INI Online Store.

    Specializing in ant and insect habitats, Ant Farm Universe boasts an unparalleled selection of commercial ant habitats and extensive informational content. Anyone who nurtures a fascination for ants owes it to themselves to check out the amazing variety of ant farms and insect habitats carried by Ant Farm Universe. Make your selection from among the top brand names including Uncle Milton, AntWorks, and Antquarium.

    If you have a question about ants or ant habitats, Ant Farm Universe most likely has the answer. Do yourself a favor, purchase your next ant habitat from the site you already go to for answers, Ant Farm Universe. Embark on a lifetime of Learning through Observation!

  • World Globe Universe Logo World Globe Universe, operating at the URL, is a wholly owned INI Online Store.

    The flagship site of INI Online Stores, World Globe Universe was published in March of 2006. Operating under the slogan; "The Right Globe, at the Right Price, with the Best Service!", World Globe Universe strives to meet the needs of each individual customer, and to do so to their complete satisfaction.

    World Globe Universe boasts a comprehensive selection of over 600 beautiful Earth globes, ranging from top quality reference models to elegant decorative globes. Whether you are purchasing a gift, an accent to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home or office, or to give your student a competitive advantage, choose your globe from among the top brand names including Alexander Kalifano, Artline, Authentic Models, Cram, Magellan, MOVA, National Geographic, Replogle, and Stellanova.

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