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Recommended Business Solutions

In the process of building and developing our own Interface Network Inc. businesses, we have worked with dozens of vendors and scores of business solutions. As is so often the case, our own experience has proven to be a most effective, though sometimes harsh, teacher.

Through our personal experience and evaluation we have identified what we consider to be the best value vendors and solutions. These vendors and products are listed here for your reference. While your experience may vary, Interface Network Inc. has found these vendors to be honest and customer focused and these solutions to be functional and worth implementing.

Ecommerce Merchant Account:

Since making a sale without collecting the payment is worthless, online merchants quickly discover that one of the more critical elements in conducting a successful online sales business is the ability to accept and process credit card transactions. Experience quickly reveals that the typical ‘brick and mortar’ merchant account providers are not necessarily the best option for e-commerce marketers. Unlike brick and mortar businesses, where the customer presents their physical credit card to be swiped or read by the merchant’s credit card terminal, e-commerce transactions are all ‘card not present’ transactions.

In general, card not present transactions are much higher risk than traditional card present or swiped transactions. This higher risk is borne directly by the ecommerce merchant! In order to protect yourself and your business against fraudulent credit card transactions, you need to team with a merchant account provider that specializes in e-commerce merchant accounts and understands how to help you mitigate your risk.

Recommended Merchant Account providers

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